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 Banana for you

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PostSubject: Banana for you   Banana for you I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 01, 2012 6:35 pm

I'm so srry banana. I did not defend your server right.

I so confused. Was that you who shut the server down with the /stop command.

Anyway i'm sorry. I was the only one there who could protect the server. And i failed.

It was not just me. It was xC or whatever his name was.

WE tried our best.

I'm sorry for your server. Sad

That's why you should get ranks soon.

I just so sorry. Sad

Just heid this tip. There will be haters in your life.

There just might be something in your server that's so awesome. That people what to destroy it. That should keep you running banana.

Don't give up. We are always on your side.

You might be mad. But listen. As you grow in popularity you will experience problems on the way.

Right now i suggest white list. May i suggest names.


Homewood99( Don't have to but i still want to help)

You (Of course)



and other people you can think of.

People you should not whitelist.

ixuga(For trolling)

Hostile(For greifing)

and other people you can think of.

I just sorry i failed for not protecting your server. Sad

I'm suggestion white list until you done.


And banana if your mad at me it is fine.

Just don't give up.

That's the last thing you should do.

I'm a friendly person.

you might be feeling po right now.

But i hope i made you encourage enough to continue your journey with your server.

Hope you feel better


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Banana for you
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