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 Hacking notice.(Must read)

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Hacking notice.(Must read) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hacking notice.(Must read)   Hacking notice.(Must read) I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 15, 2012 12:57 am

What is up with you and hacker reports?[/b]
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Hacking notice.(Must read) Empty
PostSubject: Hacking notice.(Must read)   Hacking notice.(Must read) I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2012 11:28 pm

A MUST READ!!!!!!!

Attention all bananacraft players these thing will keep you from hacker hacking your accounts.

These action take place by level's


Level one action:

1. If you get logged out with a server message that says. "Disconnected from server, logged in from different location."
Don't worry the hacker tried you use your account, but could not get in because they don't know your password.
Once the REAL you get's in tp to another op. They will know it's the real you.

2. If you see an op log in that is not them. First they can't move if the real user logged out.

Level 2 actions:

1. If a level one problem keeps happening 10 times. it is now a level two action.
Now you must change your password. (Warning) don't make it easy to guss. (example pizza)
those are bad password.

2. Now before you leave you must say " I g2g. If anyone comes on and it's me. It's not the real me."
Now Mod's/admins know if your username comes on it's not you. (Warning) Duh you can't come back on.
IF your name is seen again after saying that. It will be IP ban. Donn't orry. Ill only be ban for a day.

3. Now also before you leave you must do the command /logout.
(fail to do the level 2 rules will result in a unwhitelist for safety.

Level 3 actions:

1.Let say the hacker found out your password and started to greif with other op's on. Don't worry. IF you said what i told you to say in level2 your fine. (Warning) If you did not say that. You could be in big trouble and the server. (Info) the first time this happens you will be IP ban for 2 days for safety. If at happens anymore you are no longer whitelisted for safety.

2. Let say you are hacked and other op's were not on. You should not worry if you did the /logout command. if they know your password and they greif with no op's on. You are no longer whitelisted. For safety.

Thing's to remember.

WE keep a list of who is on each level.

Follow each level rules. Matter a fact follow all of them.

Well i'm done.

Level's are updated everyday.

This now belongs to bananaspwnu property.

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Hacking notice.(Must read)
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