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PostSubject: THE RETURN!   THE RETURN! I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 13, 2012 4:37 am

Hey, whats up guys! Missed me? Some of you out there might remember me, gone for months and I am STILL one of the top posters, that is pretty sad. I see you still haven't banned that poor son of a bitch "Ixuga" griefer is right, he should be banned... I still remember that bastard. He griefed the spawn like three god damn times! Blamed it all on me... Him and that BioShit kid. I was thinking of coming back, but now I look at these names and I remember why I left. Ban Ixuga. Ban BioShock. I really cant stand to see what will come of this server with Ixuga here... He is a discrace to everyone here and it would be a blessing to never have met him. Get rid of him, and you might get one of your most loyal members back...

Thanks for banning me on sight...
Ixuga griefed the spawn, not me.
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